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Everything on our web store is currently in stock!
Everything on our web store is currently in stock!


Find a range of models,modelling kits, modelling materials, paints ,brushes and slot car sets . Whether you're looking to build a plane, car or boat, you'll find a range of model kits at Toyworld Wauchope.
  • $12.00

    Tamiya Surface Primer

    Surface Primer/Plastic Metal - 100ml Spray Can Tamiya Surface Primer is ideal for preparing your plastic model parts made of ABS and Styrene pla...

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  • $6.99

    Tamiya Mark Fit Strong- 40ml

    Mark Fit is a special solvent designed to soften your model decals which will allow you to apply them onto difficult to apply areas such as bumpy a...

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  • $2.99

    Tamiya Flat Brush No 1

    Tamiya flat hobby brush No 1 High quality hobby paint brush, designed for detail painting. Metro Hobbies carry a wide range of detail brushes for ...

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  • $9.99

    Humbrol Precision Poly 20ml

    A solvent-based cement suitable for plastic model kits only. It's viscosity is low to enable precision delivery of fine amounts of cement. The prod...

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  • $14.99

    Tamiya X-20a 250ml Acrylic Thinner

    Tamiya Acrylic Thinners are specially formulated for thinning acrylic paints for spraying as well as surface preparation and cleaning. Contents:...

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  • $4.50

    Tamiya Paint Glass Mixing Jar 46w/measure

    Glass jar for mixing paint with 23cc(ml) capacity. Smaller-size cup is perfect for preparing smaller amounts of paint mixtures. Cap with inner seal...

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  • $12.99

    Tamiya Enamel X-20 Thinner (250mls)

    It is used for Tamiya color enamel paint for dilution, wiping, washing. Ingredients: organic solvent Net amount: 250 ml

  • $5.99

    Tamiya Flat Paint Brush No 5

    This horse-hair bristle brush features a wooden handle designed to reduce strain on the hand. Brush width: 15mm.

  • $5.90

    Balsa Sheet 5.0x 100mm

    5mm (Thickness) x 100mm (Width) x 915mm (Length)

  • $6.99

    Balsa Sheet 9.5x75

    9.5mm (Thickness) x 75mm (Width) x 915mm (Length)

  • $6.99

    Balsa Sheet 8.0x100

    8mm (Thickness) x 100mm (Width) x 915mm (length)

  • $4.80

    Balsa Dowel 12.5x915

    12.5mm (diameter) x 915 (Length)

  • $5.50

    Tamiya Thinners Large X20al 46ml

    Tamiya acrylic paints are made from water-soluble acrylic resins and are excellent for either brush painting or air-brushing. These paints can be u...

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  • $4.99

    Tamiya Lp-24 Sem Gloss Clear

    Tamiya Color bottled Lacquer Paints are highly versatile - whether using them to airbrush large areas, or pick out fine details with a brush, their...

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  • $4.00

    Tamiya Brush Pointed Med

    This horse-hair bristle brush features a wooden handle designed to reduce strain on the hand.

  • $4.00

    Balsa Glue Tube 25ml

    You’re making a project from balsa wood so you want it to stay stuck! Extra fast drying for wood models. Dries clear. Acetate cement. Ideal for ...

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  • $8.50

    Tamiya Putty White

    The currently available Tamiya Putty (Basic Type) has long been praised by modelers for its high quality and ease of use. However, its gray color s...

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