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Everything on our web store is currently in stock!
Everything on our web store is currently in stock!


ROLL N POP TRANSFORMATION. Drop or roll the ball over the Happitat?s metal hot spot and your character pops open into a Zoobles Animal! Pet its head to magically transform again into stylish Z Girl. MATCHING HAPPIT. The Happitat matches your character?s style and is inspired by things she loves, like sleepovers, hair styling, hip hop dance and more! Bring your Z Girl to life on the metal hot spot.
12 TO COLLEC.Each Zoobles Z Girl has bold colors and a unique look and style. Find Z-Girlz like a translucent narwhal, glittery bunny, neon panda and more! Collect them all (each sold separately)!
FIND YOUR ZOOBLES BFF. Sweet and sassy Z Girlz and Zoobles Animals toys for kids complete each other. Look for your Z Girl?s BFF (each sold separately) and connect their Happitats for more ways to play.

For Ages:5 years+

Includes: 1 Zoobles Z-Girlz, 1 Happitat, 1 Checklist, 1 Instruction Sheet