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Everything on our web store is currently in stock!
Everything on our web store is currently in stock!


THE ART OF THE FART | This classic April Fool's prank is the oldest of all practical jokes. The first use of a whoopee cushion dates back to Ancient Rome! Our whoopee cushion for kids (and adults) will turn you into a bonafide fart machine. This classic, vintage prank toy is still the most realistic sounding fart noise maker you can buy.
THE GAS MASTER | Our 6" fart cushion can be inconspicuously placed on someone's seat, as they're about to sit down. For example, on Valentine's Day you can use our fart cushion to humiliate your date right there in the restaurant. It's a beautiful thing. This whoopee cushion makes a great gag gift for kids and adults. Just inflate and let 'er rip!
FARTY FAVOR | If you're going to buy prank stuff--be sure to make our whoopee cushion part of your prank kit. Hand out our whoopee cushion as a party favor so your guests can celebrate Intestinal Gas Day in style.

Available in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and White.

Suitable for ages 5+