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Everything on our web store is currently in stock!
Everything on our web store is currently in stock!

Sylvanian Families Tandem Cycling Set - Husky Sister And Brother

Join Husky siblings Pauline & Hayden as they set off on their adventures with their trusty tandem bike.

Sister Pauline Husky is always on the go! She pedals along on her bicycle as fast as she can, because she loves the feel of the wind in her fur. Her brother Hayden likes a more sedate pace however, and is always urging her to slow down a bit so he can enjoy the scenery. Pauline also has a passion for crafts, and loves making things as gifts for her family and friends. She does this at hyper-speed as well, as she can't wait to see the finished product - and she's always the first to finish her homework too!

Brother Hayden Husky is quite a chilled out little boy and is never happier than when he's cycling along the forest path taking in the plants and nature around him - when he can get his sister to slow down for five minutes that is! Hayden often fills the basket on their bicycle with intersting leaves or pine cones he finds on their travels and brings them home to display in his collection. He often shares them with his sister Pauline so she can use them in her craft projects.

Tandem bike can tow the triplets sledge (sold separately) and also has room for the Husky twin babies (also sold separately) to ride in the back seat and front basket.

Recommended for age 3+