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Everything on our web store is currently in stock!
Everything on our web store is currently in stock!

Schleich Tapir Baby

What if a baby tapir figurine were more than a toy? What if a baby tapir had the superpower to make grown-ups disappear? Or turn laminate flooring into a grassy meadow? Or turn your pet labradoodle into a friendly dragon who can carry baby tapirs to faraway lands? Some wild animals are good at running around the zoon…and some, like this one, help the littlest storytellers let their imaginations run wild.

Detailed & Authentic. That striped-and-spotted coat – to camouflage our baby tapir in Malaysia’s sun-dappled forests – whisks kids into a vibrant, realistic wilderness where imaginations roam free.
- Encourages Storytelling. Why do tapir babies have stripes and spots? How do baby tapirs learn to swim? If a baby tapir is related to a horse, why does it look like a pig with an elephant’s trunk? Kids’ ask such good questions…and tell such great stories…
- Quality You Can Feel. It's a jungle out there, so we built our baby tapir toy to withstand Mother Nature and Father Time.
- Perfect for Grassland Dioramas. Need South American animal figures for your school project? Our baby tapir figurine is a must-have character in any South American grassland scene!
- Great Gift for Animal Lovers. Your little zookeepers and future veterinarians will fall in love with our miniature baby tapir toy – perfect for gift bags, stockings, or as a tapir cake topper.