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Little shoppers will love this Playgo Shopping Cart set. Kids will enjoy pretending to be in a supermarket and buying grocery items for the house. This 18 piece set includes a bright-coloured shopping cart and several boxes of goods. The shopping cart is easy to assemble and easy to clean too. Kids can call their friends and assign different supermarket employee roles. There will be shoppers and cashiers supermarket managers also. Kids can line up the boxes and put them in the cart according to type. They can get the boxes of cookies first, then milk, soup, flour, and everything else they need. Once they have crossed out everything on the grocery list, the cashier can put the boxes in a bag. That way, they learn how to sort and match things, and they will know how to do grocery shopping. This set recommended for kids aged 3-6 years. Use this set to play with other Playgo sets-Playgo My Shopping Basket and Playgo Cleaning sets are great choices.