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The Boon Pipes Set comes with 5 shape play pieces that kids can play in the bath with one-by-one or put together to create a chain!

Make bathtime way more fun for your little one when you add the Boon Pipes to their playtime collection! This playset comes with 5 differently coloured shapes that look like transparent pipes to show the water that passes through inside. Each pipe can be played with separate from the other but can also be combined altogether to create a chain. The playset also comes with a wall suction feature to allow little ones to redirect the water into the tub for a less messy bathtime!


The Boon Pipes feature 5 differently-shaped play pieces, each with a different function.
Each pipe can be played with separately or put together to let kids enjoy seeing the water flow from one pipe to the other.
Helps children learn cause and effect whilst enhancing their motor skills and boosting their confidence in the water.
This playset also features wall suction and is BPA-free.
Suitable for children from 12 months and older.

Encourage your little one to learn the concept of cause and effect as they enjoy their bathtime with the Boon Pipes!