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Crayola Chalk & Duster Pack. Contains 1 Pack each of 12 White Chalk and 12 Colored Chalk with a durable felt duster. Packaged in a blister pack. Non-toxic

This Crayola Chalk 'n Duster Set contains 24 sticks of chalk and 1 duster, so you can start drawing without worrying about the clean up. The duster cleans both chalkboards and whiteboards quickly and easily thanks to its thick layers of felt while the handle makes it easy to hold and control.

- There are 24 sticks of chalk in this set, 12 white and 12 coloured?.
- This set includes a felt duster with handle, which easily cleans both chalkboards and whiteboards.
- The chalk writes smoothly, will not break and is not harmful to skin.
- It is recommended for ages 3 and up.

?The included colours in this pack are light blue, pink, lavender, apricot, coffee, pale green, cream, purple, green, dark blue, red and yellow.